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    Prime Tuition has been offering the highest quality tuition services to students of Primary, Secondary, Higher and A-Level Courses. The number of students has increased significantly as most of our students excel in their examinations. At Prime Tuition, we constantly update ourselves with the latest requirements of school syllabus and examinations. We understand and have also analysed the needs of our students and thus provide appropriate resources and tailor made notes to supplement what the students are learning in school. Indeed, living in a world that is rapidly changing, we realise that students nowadays are heavily influenced by technology. Therefore we provide state-of-the-art facilities and teaching tools to assist our students. Our tuition centre goes through a strict process in hiring our tutors. We made sure that our friendly tutors are CRB checked qualified individuals, have a burning passion and are dedicated in educating our students. We believe that each student has unique potential. Prime Tuition strives to bring out the best in your child academically. We believe that by employing appropriate and effective teaching method, we can help your child to enjoy learning and develop his or her potential. We also provide spacious and comfortable study area for our students, making it as their second home for living.

  • The company mission is to assist and provide cooperation’s with academic schools to improve self-developments and educations to ensure excellent future.
    Present employment opportunities to the graduates and high-achieving undergraduates.
    Utilizing the expertise of experience teachers/ officers including retirees to contribute to educational benefits to the institution.
    Exercising the proper definition of ‘Tuition School’ which is to help those students which are in need of better understanding on their limitations of certain subjects.
    Provide varieties of teaching and learning tools incorporated with relevant theories applies to the academic purposes.
    Prioritizing on the accomplishment of our duty to ensure the success of the students with high level of integrity, discipline and honesty rather than profit maximization. Ensuring their parents expenses are valued.
    Our vision is to be a Tuition centre with excellent level of pedigree with good integrity and reliability in nurturing students to achieve excellence and success.
    We are an institution run by experienced teachers, graduates, high-achieving undergraduates who are eager to pass on their experiences and expertise. Our schools have a quality control program to provide you the professional, prepared tutors who know the school modules inside out. It is Prime Tuition’s dream to instill students with the fundamental skills and core knowledge that will reward them their best possible Results in their exams.
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    Meet our Brilliant Student
  • Student of Year 6 did GCSE Maths and got A* with 95% marks and achieved 100% scholarship from independent school

    • Year 6, Ivan Chan A*
    • Year 7,Siham A
    • Year 8, Mohamed A*
    • Year 9,Faduma A*
    • Year 9,Shyla A-A*
    • Year 9,Mahider A
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  • We have compiled a list of key frequently asked questions that customers always ask us:

    Are you Ofsted registered?

    Yes, see our Ofsted page for more information on what this means and how it might be able to benefit you.

    Which days & times are the lessons?

    Our lessons run on weekday evenings from 4:45pm -9:00pm and on weekends from 09:00am to 06:30pm both Saturday & Sunday. Once we have completed the initial assessment & consultation, your child will be allocated to suitable classes based on their age and academic ability. Students are split into groups, like sets in schools. We have a number of groups available during the weekday evenings and weekends.

    What ages do you teach?

    Children aged 5 years up to Undergraduate level.

    Do you offer 1-1 or group lessons?

    We offer options of both.

    How much do lessons cost?

    We do our best to offer customers value for money. We have a variety of packages available based on the number of subjects and lessons you enrol on too. An average hourly cost is around £5 per hour to 15 per hour from KS1 to University level students.

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    • I have both my daughters enrolled in Prime Tuition. I have found the tutors to be patient, knowledgeable, and caring. My eldest daughter is finding the Year 12 Chemistry an enormous help, especially with her exam preparation. Her marks have improved dramatically from last year.

      Caroline (Mother of Year 12 student)
    • Prime Tuition has tutored my son for the last four years. Words can not explain how valuable this experience has been. My son`s tutors are dedicated to helping him achieve his goals and guiding us through his years at secondary school.

      Anita (Mother of Year 10 student)
    • My son found his exams in Physics and Chemistry very easy because of the help that Prime Tuition gave him. I have never seen somebody come out of an exam with a smile on their face. Thank you for your help.

      Dania Nichole (Mother of Year 12 student)
    • If you are looking for a tutoring centre to prepare your children for Selective Entry schools, I would definitely recommend Prime Tuition as the centre that will be capable of meeting the individual needs of your children! Under the guidance of tutors, my daughter was well prepared for the Wallington Grammar School entrance exam and interview this year. She’s so thrilled to have been accepted! We’d like to thank Prime Tuition in particular for her patience. I’d also like to mention the exceptional ability of the tutors at Prime Tuition to cater specifically for the learning needs of each and every child and the individual progress of its students. Their patience, thoroughness, and unfailing encouragement are definitely commendable!

      Janice (Mother of Year 6 student)
    • Thank you so much for all your help you have given Our 3 children. Our daughter was advised in year 8 not to attempt to Year 10mathematics. We decided against the teacher advice. You have coached her to have an infinite understanding in the subject. She has loved your teaching style and has blossomed under your guidance. I have recommended countless parents to attend Prime Tuition. They have all come back to me and thanked me. I will continue to recommend without any hesitation.

      (Melinda and Paul)
    • I have been completely satisfied with the quality of tuition my daughter has received for her exam preparation. The well-educated, friendly and talented tutors have been able to provide a program that has addressed my daughter’s specific needs. The individual tutoring adopted by ‘Prime Tuition’ takes place in a warm and friendly environment, which has enabled my daughter to ask questions, learn from her mistakes and be given wonderful tips and advice about the exams. She was successful and was offered student of the year in her school.

      Maria (Mother of Year 10 student)
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    • Postal Address

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      (Opposite Lambeth Town Hall)
      Brixton London SW2 5SG

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      281-287 High Street
      (Opposite TK Maxx)
      TW3 1EF

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      Phone: 0203 302 1524
      020 34 222 555
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